RYN Technical Info

RYN is the No.1 specialised function shoe company in Korea

RYN shoes are perfect walking shoes with 45 degree rounded outsoles, based on 'RYN WALKING SCIENCE' walking step, who do not have adult disease and spine problem. Our shoe is proved as very good function, to stimulate arch-portion of sole (the most important part of human body) for better blood-circulation, by heel rotation exercise. Due to our own korea factory, we can offer our best quality control, urgent delivery and our best service.

Ryn Korea began exporting its products to the global market in 2007.and it is currently exporting to 27 countries worldwide. the RYN KOREA will continue to expand into overseas markets, and expand its export routes 180 countries around the world. Ryn Korea's endeavor will continue until the day it becomes a world leader of functional shoes!


The importance of good arch support

With unique rounded materials, the 7 layer outsole provides strong arch support while significantly improving balance.